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Place It (3d)

Place It with our AR tool

You like a product, but not you're not sure how it will look in your place?
Worry no more! With our Place It (3D) tool you can virtually place products in your room so you can see how they'll look before buying them.
Try before you buy just got a whole lot cooler!

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Follow the 4 easy steps..

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Step 1

On your smartphone or tablet select the item you wish to view in your place!

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Step 2

Using your smartphone or tablet scan the section of your room you wish to place the item.

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Step 3

Use your finger to move the item & rotate the item & place it wherever you wish.

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Step 4

Ta-Da! Take a screenshot and share it on Instagram. Tag us & will share it on on feed!

Desktop & laptop:

If you're using a desktop or laptop simply;

  1. Open the product you wish to view
  2. Click the ‘View in Your Room’ button on the product page
  3. Scan the barcode with your smartphone or tablet
  4. Follow the steps above!

360' Product Spin - View products from any angle...

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Smartphone & Tablet

Click the 'Object' tab on your smartphone or tablet and use your fingers to spin the product around & view it the from any angle.

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Desktop & Laptop

Click on the spinning thumbnail under the product image & use your mouse to view it the from any angle.