How To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

...Because size shouldn't matter! ;)

Tricks of the trade to make any space feel infinitely bigger!

  1. A Large Rug: A large area rug that extends beyond your furniture will draw your eyes outwards and make the room feel larger.

  2. A Dark Accent Wall: Dark walls appear as receding and thus enlarge and contrast a room, making the rest of the space look larger and brighter.

  3. Mirrors: A mirrors’ reflective qualities add depth to a space and bounce light into it, making it appear bigger and brighter.

  4. Wall Lights and Table Lamps: Lighting is important as dark areas withdraw from our eyes. Wall lights and table lamps will keep the space light and ease up floor space.

  5. Backless Seating: Poufs, benches, stools and low-profile seating let your eyes see past them — this opens the room up and allows for more airflow.

  6. Sofas with Legs: Avoid boxy, solid furniture and opt for a sofa with a hollow base and legs. Similar to backless seating, a sofa with legs will open up a room and minimise visual clutter.

  7. Keep It Simple: Too many bold prints and patterns can overwhelm a space and should be restricted to accents, such as throws or decorative pillows to avoid this.

  8. Glass and Acrylic Tables: Because they are transparent, they make the room appear more open, bright and less cluttered.

  9. Blend In: Make the space more streamlined and less cluttered by painting your shelves and finding curtains or blinds in a similar shade to that of the wall.

  10. Floor to Ceiling Curtains: This will make a room feel bigger and create the illusion of height by drawing the eye upwards.